strategies for sales work with your  management to build a  more successful sales team

about strategies for sales

Strategies For Sales has been formed with the intention of providing companies and trade associations with advice and guidance services from experienced sales professionals.

The team has been brought together by Allan Venables, to include a variety of individuals, all of whom have different skills and capabilities, but who all share the desire to achieve improved performance.

Does your organisation have its share of the consistently successful sales executive, sales management, or sales direction.

  • Is their ongoing success an “Accident”?

  • Can you afford them?

  • Can you attract them into your organisation?

  • Will they be a costly mistake?

  • Can you afford NOT to have them?

Strategies For Sales gives you the answer to these questions without the risks and costs of the nine months or so it may take to realise whether your hiring has been successful.

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what makes us the right choice for you

By applying our core values we will work with you and deliver against;

WHAT Understand your business, products and objectives
WHO Identify your ideal clients & marketplaces
WHY The ideal sales messages and reasons why people buy you
HOW Set sales strategy, campaigns and team building/coaching
WHEN As soon as possible, and whenever you can deliver

We have toolsets that can analyse the current sales performance, benchmark these against industry standards and identify how we can assist in making changes that will bring greater success. We can assist with specific bids either as advisors or as doers – working with your bid team to improve your chances of winning new business.

We can assist with interim sales management, sales recruitment and if necessary we can introduce “guns for hire” who will work with your teams to deliver orders.

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