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We can increase your business’s sales performance, analyse your strategy and people in order to identify how you can improve your sales success.

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Strategies For Sales team of Associates has knowledge of many business sectors including Financial, Commercial, Retail and Public Services.

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Speak to us and make a start on improving your sales success today. We offer a completely discreet, white label service to ensure trust with every contract.

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Strategies For Sales offers more than 100 years of sales expertise.
We can work with your management to build a more successful sales team.

Almost all organisations, from the giants of the IT Industry IBM to SME organisations rely upon the sales force to represent the company ethos and present their products, services and solutions successfully. Yet market analysis tells us that that the majority of sales teams only achieve a 47% success rate. This means that half of the sales force is not achieving against company expectations.

What is the cost of such poor performances and what are the key reasons? And most importantly has the organisation incorporated the enormous waste in cost within their operational model.

These ongoing costs can include

  • Recruitment

  • Redundancy/replacement costs

  • Training

  • Impact on internal support teams

  • Period of “expectation”

  • Impact on client base

  • Management/Development skills

  • Impact on market perception

And these total how much?

And this wasted cost is factored into your overall performance calculation of your sales operation?

Strategies For Sales will work with your Senior Management to help understand the reasons for poor performance, these may be the Go to Market approach and not always the current personnel. We will identify the options for remedial action that will deliver increased performance and a greater return for your cost of sales.

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