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allan venables - strategies for sales

Allan J Venables

Allan has been selling business solutions for some 28 years. Originally trained by Olivetti in the art of selling, which includes Finding, Identifying, Assessing, Analysing and Closing of opportunities Allan has applied this science for several major organisations;

Firstly Honeywell who also trained Allan in sales management, Wang UK in the 80’s where Allan opened up the Financial Sector in the Midlands and North of England; Sanderson Computers and QSP Ltd during the 90’s where Allan successfully led new business teams

“My team at QSP was probably the best new business team I ever built with some really good sales personnel – almost all of which have gone onto to grace other teams”.

Compaq Computers early 2000 where he ran a team of 19 sales heads and doubled the services business, before spending 5 very happy years at Northgate where he learnt a new marketplace – Leading a team selling into local government.

Career highlights include:

  • Opened up a Financial Branch outside of the City of London for Wang UK during the late 80’s with successes in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.

  • Developed the concept of selling Finance Applications as a Service Solution and more than doubled the new client business for the application provider

  • Merged three service sales teams together and doubled the Services business at Compaq within two years.

  • Introduced strict prospect qualification processes to achieve a win ratio of 5 from 6 bids over an 18month period for one Managed Services provider.

  • Consistently over achieved against sales targets across a sales career of some 25 years.

peter haughton - strategies for sales

Peter Haughton

Peter has been involved in the sales and marketing of a variety of Service solutions for over 25 years. They have taken numerous forms, from the selling of training and consultancy; ICT Managed Services and IT outsourcing.

His latest success has been within the Secure Logistics marketplace where he has more than doubled the business of his latest client via lateral thinking around prospecting.

Peter’s strength is where there is a focus on “conceptual sales of non product-related solutions”. He specialises in selling Ideas and Concepts which are based upon service orientated solutions. Through the visualisation of what his clients are seeking to achieve, Peter has been able to move forward established organisations, while also working with new market entrants to ensure that they are able to maximise their impact.

His experience has incorporated all the skills gleaned from initial prospect identification and qualification through the full negotiation process and ultimate contractual success.

Peter has sold solutions into both Public and Private Sectors, concentrating more on the needs of the different customer, rather than any vertical market specialisation.

Career highlights include:

  • Twice doubling the annual turnover of an IT services company

  • Enabled a new market entrant to secure major, multi million contracts

  • Consistently over-achieveing on sales targets

  • Successfully negotiating at Board Level to achieve success

  • Major Contracts with among others: ICI, British Airways, Hertz, and Unilever

stuart smith - strategies for sales

Stuart Smith

Stuart is regarded internationally as one of, if not the, leading exponents of Relationship Selling. Stuart has been a top Salesman and top Sales Manager for many years both in UK & USA.

Stuart has been top International Salesman for leading computer companies such as IBM, Univac, Wang & MAI. In addition Stuart has led some of the World’s leading Sales Forces, culminating in designing and leading the sales organization that took The Latin American Division of IBM to the top revenue earned for 7 consecutive years from 2000 to 2007.

Stuart acts as a “coach” and sales & marketing advisor to a number of Sales Directors/VP’s throughout the World.

Career highlights include:

  • Youngest ever Director of major bank

  • Top salesman Univac

  • Top sales manager Univac

  • Developed own successful business

  • Became an IBM Vice President

  • Took Elonex PLC from Receivership to profit with revenues in excess of £100M

  • Turned Elonex into a Times Top 100 Company