a lack of new business can be  the result of undervaluing the role of the sales force

our approach is simple

So many organisations have forgotten that the client facing personnel represent the company’s image, the message the sales team take into the market place depicts the ethos of the company.

We can work with your management team to understand your business propositions and then help set a sales strategy and campaign(s) to successfully deliver those propositions to your chosen market places.

We firmly believe that undervaluing the role of the sales force results in lack of new business. It is this aspect of business where Allan and the team of associates add most value.

“The art of selling is often much maligned as many organisations believe that their products “sell” themselves. In most instances this is quickly proven to be a misinterpretation.”

Ask yourselves are you a “sales led” organisation or are you an “operations led” organisation? If you are struggling to achieve new business success is it the culture of your own organisation that is the largest barrier to success.

  • What is it you have to sell?

  • Who can benefit from your offering?

  • How can we help you succeed with a sales strategy?

Obviously the delivery organisations within a company face onto the current clients and if your success is all around account activity then most likely your culture has swung too far away from being sales led. Let Strategies For Sales introduce that special sales knowledge that can make a real difference.

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